Kitchen Audit

Kitchen Pantry

A Kitchen Audit is a great way to reveal opportunities to really improve your food quality so you can be confident that the meals you prepare are nourishing and healthy for you and your family.

The Kitchen Audit involves a 3-stage process:

Firstly we need to check out the general food and beverage contents in your fridge and pantry.

Secondly review the food items in terms of quality.  Ideally our food should be as close as possible to nature – that means getting rid of harmful chemicals generally in the form of preservatives, artificial flavours and colours.  It is important to identify all the different sources of added sugars that can cause sugar imbalances and weight problems.

Thirdly provide recommendations for healthier options. You will be shown what to look for when reading food labelling and ingredients. You will love the alternative food choices and be confident that your family will love them too.

There are 2  ways to obtain a profile of what foods are in your kitchen:

HOME VISIT – if you live on Sydney’s North Shore or Northern Beaches I can arrange to come to your home at a time that suits you and I will take photographs of the contents in your pantry and fridge.  We will have 30 mins together and will discuss your food preferences and styles of cooking, favourite meals and snacks so the healthier recommendations are going to suit your preferences.

Spice Cupboard

VIRTUAL VISIT – you take photographs of the contents of your pantry, fridge and spice rack and upload them to me. Please ensure the front of each food item is turned towards the camera so I can clearly see the brand and product name in the photos.  The Virtual Visit includes a 30min phone call which is an opportunity for you to let me know your preferred styles of cooking, favourite meals and snacks. I will let you know where to email the photos.

For both Home Visits and Virtual Visits I will review the food items and report back to you in 7 days with written recommendations for what to keep, what to chuck out (and why) and what alternatives you can purchase that will provide you with more nourishment and less synthetic additives.

Kitchen Audit – PRICE $150  BOOK NOW

Field Trip to your Local Shops – Michele will accompany you on your regular weekly shop and guide you to make healthier food choices from the items on your shopping list.  This is a really fun way to learn how to read and decipher the language of food labels so you are not deceived.  PRICE $150  BOOK NOW

The Ultimate Kitchen Audit package includes the Kitchen Audit AND the Field Trip Shopping Adventure so you are empowered to make great food choices.  This joint shopping trip is planned for one week after the initial review.  Please allow 1 hour for the shopping trip and remember to bring  your reusable shopping bags.  Ultimate Kitchen Audit PRICE $280  BOOK NOW

Mineral rich salt

You will be surprised at how easy it is to shop for nourishing, healthy foods that you will love to eat.  Let’s face it, it makes sense to provide our body with healthy fresh foods so it can function at its best.