Rushing… overwhelmed… going round in circles… procrastinating…

Do you feel like the life you really want to live is eluding you?

Do you feel like you are bumbling along, dealing with a million mundane tasks and never quite achieving what you really hope for?

Perhaps you are achieving some of what you want, but it comes at a cost that is chipping away at your health and well-being?

If you could see your life more objectively in the context of your experiences, if you could notice the patterns of repeating situations and behaviours both of yourself and others, if you could be in conscious awareness of YOUR gifts and challenges, you would feel more in control of your life.  You would feel like your life is flowing more gracefully and your dreams are enabled to manifest.

This is what Astro-Guidance is all about – empowering YOU to feel more in control by showing you what your gifts are, what your challenges are so you can take responsibility for your life with awareness and understanding.

Imagine this – positive relationships, beautiful surroundings, glowing health, creative solutions … all this becomes achievable when we see ourselves clearly and take responsibility to manifest all these wonderful possibilities.

The Natal Horoscope Interpretation gives you a snapshot picture of the heavens at the time and place you were born. The position of each planet in the zodiac and houses, combined with aspects between the planets, gives a pretty accurate picture of the type of person you are, and the type of people and situations you may encounter, your strengths and challenges so you are better equipped to understand why thing happen the way they do for YOU and how you can learn to deal more effectively and benefit from your life’s experiences. PRICE $180 BOOK NOW

The Transit Reading gives an outline of what may be happening in your life at any chosen time. It is often used predictively, but more commonly it tends to be called upon during times of personal crisis. It can help you to gain a more objective understanding of the challenges of the crisis and insight into how better to deal with the challenges and find new, more effective ways of dealing with old problems. PRICE $180 BOOK NOW

You will need to provide the date and time and place of birth when you purchase your Astrology Consultation.  Astrology Consultations can take place in person or via Skype.