Herbal Medicine

Humans have been using herbs for health and healing since, well… since forever.  All peoples in all countries and all cultures have herbal medicines as a foundational component of their medical practices.

Nasturtium Flower

Herbs can be used in every day life by everyone as part of a healthy diet and the first aid kit.  In the kitchen, herbs can enrich the flavour of foods, provide a boost of vitamins and minerals, assist with digestion and elimination of wastes.

In the first aid kit herbs can assist our recovery from simple ailments like colds and coughs, cuts and scratches, tension and muscle soreness, headaches and sleep disturbances…

Herbs can be taken as teas or powders or made into oils, creams and ointments for use on the skin.  A herbalist may prescribe herbal preparations in tincture or fluid extract form.

Echinacea flower

For more difficult health problems a consultation with a qualified Herbalist can ensure that the best herbs are prescribed to suit your specific condition.