About Michele and Mind Body Natural Health

Michele – Natural Health Practitioner

Thanks for taking the time to drop by and find out more about Mind Body Natural Health.  I’m Michele Conde –  Herbalist, Bowen Therapist and Astrologer and it is my intention and goal to empower people to be able to create the causes and conditions for healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives.

Modern Life can be really hectic – how often do you feel like you are being swept along by all the demands on your time – work, home, family, friends, paperwork, bills, things needing repairing and replacing… You are too busy and too tired to make the effort to spare more than a fleeting thought about your health and happiness – let’s face it – your dreams seem to be perpetually buried under the pile of must do’s and should do’s.  The trouble is, if your dreams are buried, then part of YOU is buried and you are not able to really feel fulfilled.  A buried dream can lead to all sorts of health problems – physical, mental and emotional – because a part of you is not being explored and expressed.   Do you feel like everything is repeating? Do you feel STUCK with these niggling, painful health problems that just won’t go away?  Maybe a strange feeling of anxiety because something is NOT RIGHT about your life?

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine how fantastic you feel when you dig down under that pile of “should do” to uncover your dreams and begin to give them some of your loving attention. Suddenly there is a lightness, a sparkle that lifts your spirit and takes you into a mindset of possibility.  A smile on your face and a feeling of openness. The sun is shining through all those clouds that have been obstructing your view.

That’s what I would love to help you with.  Repairing and rebalancing your mind and body so your life takes on meaning and purpose; so there is time and energy and space for the WHOLE of you.  So you can feel the true joy and appreciation of being alive!

Mind Body Natural Health came about as a result of my realisation that healthy mind and healthy body are inextricably linked – you simply cannot have one without the other.  I have come to understand the implications of this more and more over the years of my study and working with my family and clients using natural therapies for health and wellbeing.  I have seen many people suffer because they don’t have the knowledge and tools to improve their health and live genuinely happy and rewarding lives.  It is my goal to share my knowledge and understanding with others so they too can experience the wonderful benefits of natural health for mind and body.


Healthy Mind

Natural harmony

The mind and its role in our health and wellbeing is of particular interest to me because I have experienced the effects of unconscious, negative thinking (in both myself and those closest to me) and how it affects our perceptions and influences our responses to life’s experiences. Unconscious negative thinking can create havoc in the physical body.  What we feed our mind is critical to our health and wellbeing – you can feed your body the very healthiest of foods and drink clean water, exercise regularly, use natural products, sleep 8hrs a night and still experience ongoing health problems that do not appear to be responding to treatment.

It takes courage and patience, and usually assistance from others, to dig deeper into one’s own mind to identify and release sabotaging thoughts and habitual patterns of behaviour that we think as “normal” but which ultimately are causing obstacles to our true health and happiness.

Healthy Body

Food and Drink, Exercise and Sleep, personal care and home products, work place environment, pollution, life changing events – all these contribute to your health and wellbeing. Whilst the last three are often outside our direct control, we can mitigate their effects on our wellbeing and become less reactive and more appropriately responsive to stressors and challenges by focussing our efforts on improving the first 6.  When we get the balance right we feel the effects by having more energy, less physical and emotional pain and a genuine feeling of inner joy that makes living truly a blessing.

A bit about me

Natural medicine and natural living is a passion of mine – as evidenced by the type of books that fill my bookshelves!  My decision to train as a natural therapist came about as a natural progression from my own powerful experience of healing with the use of Bach Flower essences when I had to return to work from maternity leave after the birth of my first child.

I had developed a severe form of dermatitis on my right hand – the whole hand was red, swollen, itchy and painful.  Also an intense red rash developed across my throat – it looked like I had a rope burn around my neck.  My local GP prescribed cortisone cream which calmed everything down but as soon as I stopped the cream, the rash came back with more vengeance.  I decided to investigate natural alternatives and went to my local health food shop to seek assistance. I tried a few different herbal creams and they each helped ease the discomfort but were not fully resolving the problem.  I don’t recall exactly how I found out about Bach Flowers, but I decided to give them a try.  I took the Bach Flowers for a couple of months and during that time my hand completely cleared up and I have never had a recurrence of that problem in over 20 years.  This experience helped me to understand that it was my negative thinking that had been behind the dermatitis. I had been suppressing my anger and resentment at having to leave my child and go back to work. The Bach Flowers helped me to clear the resentment and anger and be accepting of my situation.  It also opened my mind to a whole new world – and the possibility that I could become trained as a natural therapist and learn to work with the power of nature to help others to be healthy and happier.

I enrolled in a course to learn the Bach Flower Essences and how to work with them to bring about transformation and health.  We even went on a wonderful field trip with the teacher to gather some of the flowers and make our own flower essence remedies.  It didn’t take me long to have just about everyone I knew taking Bach Flower Essences for all sorts of problems – and I still do!  Bach Flower essences work to balance mental and emotional states that are contributing to our pain and suffering.

Natural Beauty

I have gone on to study and work with Herbal Medicine, Astrology, Spiritual Healing, Meditation, Crystal Healing and Bowen Therapy and I utilise all these powerful tools when I work with clients to assist them to bring their minds and bodies back into balance and harmony so they can experience health and happiness.

I truly love this doing this work and would love the opportunity to work with you as your guide and mentor to help you achieve new levels of health and happiness.”